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About Us

How Three Guys Are Pioneering the Future of Craftsmanship

In a bustling roofing and real estate company, somewhere between hammers, nails, and open houses, three spirited guys—Mason, Keyur and Jarrod—were shaping the future. With hard hats by day, they tackled exterior remodeling projects and flipped homes, and by night, they meticulously brainstormed ways to make businesses more efficient and effective.

The Lightbulb Moment

During a rare pause—a rainy day that made roofing an impossible task—our trio realized that the technology they were leveraging could be a game-changer. It was more than an improvement for their own operations; it had the potential to revolutionize every craft-based business. From the home services sector to nail salons, everyone could benefit from this transformation.

The Gift of Time

Perhaps one of our most cherished realizations was how automation gave us back our time—time to spend with our families, to catch a ballgame with our kids, or simply to relax and recharge. Time is the one resource we can’t manufacture, and we knew we had to share this invaluable gift with other businesses.

Veterans Serving Veterans

As a veteran-owned and operated venture, we embrace values like honor, integrity, and selfless service. To show our gratitude to those who have served, we offer a 10% discount for veterans across all our services.



The strategy savant, whose business acumen is second to none.


The automations and processes ace, who can optimize any process.


The sales prodigy, ensuring that we deliver real, tangible results.

A Tool for Every Trade

Having collaborated with craftsmen and service providers from various walks of life, we understand that the ultimate goal is business growth. And we’re thrilled to say that our technology is the golden ticket to achieving it. It’s a solution that accommodates businesses big and small, across various niches.

The Thrill of the Journey

Embarking on this venture feels like surfing a tidal wave of opportunities, and we’re riding that wave with you all the way! The exhilaration of surmounting challenges and achieving milestones is a thrill we want you to share with us.

The Future is Even Brighter, and We're Just Getting Started!

From home services to real estate, and yes, even to salons, we’re here to level up your business, making it better, easier, and more profitable. So why just aim for the sky, when there are footprints to be made on the moon?

We're not just a software provider; we're a partner in your journey toward excellence and achievement.